So what's that god bar nonsense anyway?

I have actually fixed all of the things I set out to do today, the god bar has been implemented, baddies have been implemented and so have "triggers". Now most of you probably know what "trigger" and "baddie" could mean, but what on earth is a "god bar"?

The god bar is an object that sits in the top of the screen, it contains a picture of god (a canine screwdriver with a halo) and a message from god.

Obviously, a god bar doesn't help much in many games, but in Wibbly-Wobbly: The Canine Screwdriver it is absolutely essential. This is because the aim of the game is to learn the language of the gods (they have started to communicate with you using a weird language).

Basically it is a game with puzzle game like levels that are almost impossible to finish, unless you know how to finish them. How each level is supposed to be finished can be extracted from the gods, as they will be guiding you verbally in their very weird language. For each cutscene and level you will hopefully familiarize yourself with the language so that you can eventually take direction from the gods and finish the levels quickly.

The game has actually changed quite a bit since I last uploaded a screenshot, so before i start writing menus and levels, I will add a bunch of screenshots (of the demo levels I have been using to test the different components of the game). The source is rather ugly though, so I wont upload it until I absolutely have to!