Some reasonable progress

Not a huge amount of coding today - just some on the train and at home.

I've got a new system for generating the wriggly path and curly branches off the side. Much more control and less gaps.

I fade out the path as you leave it behind which looks nice. No growing of the path ahead yet. Might just go for fading it in for now. Will see how that looks tomorrow hopefully.

I also refactored the curve generation significantly so that the path you follow and the branches off it are separately generated, allowing some nicer random generation. The refactoring also included splitting up the path creation so it's not a huge FPS hit (61-62 down to 50) when it fires every 20 seconds or so .. rather the FPS just dips a fraction (maybe down to 60).

No gameplay to speak of...

I was thinking maybe a sort of flying-ish thing where you have to fly along the path - stray too far from it and you "die".