Today's progress!

As I might have mentioned previously, I was able to stay at home today! The result is an astonishing progress (sort of). Here's a brief summary of my progress today:
As I said, I repainted Wibbles so that the screwdriver would looks more like a screwdriver. The animation has also been remade (the new one isn't really that good). Wibbles' size has been increased somewhat.

Thingy is now used by the members of the team (me and Wibbles, yes he IS real) to refer to a piece of code that has a function for another piece of code that may or may not exist already, isn't that convenient! Actually it's just lazy (oh shit), but I really do not want to spend time learning good terminology at the moment, I'll spare that till after I have learned to use good coding style.

Backgrounds have been introduced in the Cutscene thingy, they pretty much cover all of the screen. other additions:
Additionally I have spent the evening trying to build a thingy that can be used to construct levels. It will resemble the Cutscene thingy. I haven't had the time to test it however, so it might turn out not to work.

I don't think I'll have all that much time to spare again until Friday, which is a "red" day (holidays are called red days in Sweden). So basically, Good Friday means no school for me! And since I'm not particularly religious, it means more Wibbly-Wobbly the Canine Screwdriver for everybody.