Cut scenes

Ha! Maybe this isn't vaporware after all! I've actually managed to finish a component (I'm happy with it at the moment anyway).

I am talking about my super high-tech cut scene programming kit. As I might have mentioned earlier (I really don't remember if I did) the levels are going to be written in python.

All I have really done so far is a demo cut scene where a text stating my intentions with the scene floats above the main character of the game, Wibbly-Wobbly (silly name, but it fits into the theme). Of course, since the cutscene toolkit thingy manages animations, good ol' Wibbles actually walks across the screen and turns around as he reaches the end of it.

So, in short this is what I have accomplished today:
I'm going to try to upload a screenshot of the demo cut scene once I'm finished writing this entry.

Oh BTW, it seems like I don't have any classes tomarrow, which means I'll be able to stay home coding.