Small comment response>>>

This game is a bit incomprehensible. What a great way to sum up the week! With so many ideas, and so much time wrapped up in other things, I don't think we every really comprehended the game at all ourselves, and we were the ones apparently making it.

About "order wife to get something" being offensive - yes, this is meant to be satire. This is why if you hit it too many times she brings you a divorce. Just as the parrot is meant to annoy, you realize that by passing allong the annoyance to the wife you are no better. I guess since everything is so incomplete this wasn't conveyed well at all.

But what it really is hiding is a missing component of gameplay. We had ideas about finding the right items to please the bird having a very strong puzzle component to it. For instance, an object might be buried under another object that must first be moved, but then that object is too heavy and some other solution would need to be found. Conceptually though, we had a lot of big ideas that seemed simple, but turned out to be faaaar to light on details in practice.

One comment said "The theme is feathers not birds" - another thing not communicated well I guess, but the whole point is that the bird keeps shedding his feathers, and you are trying to stop him from doing so. I don't see how this can not fit the theme.

One reviewer seemed to really enjoy it, so I'm glad we could entertain someone, even though things were so very broken! Going in I had planned to frontload things as much as possible, but I didn't follow through. Needed better time management. I always need better time management, but this time was worse than usual.

So thanks for playing the game, and I'm sorry to everyone who got frustrated not knowing which things were actually implemented and which weren't! If I had had time to make the instructions more clear I would have.