Day ... 8 :) the final rush

Well, not for me. I tweaked some of the sound effects, added a story screen, not too much.

Then I edited some of the site code to change a few things (turn off judging until after the 24 hour upload grace period is over).

Then the deadline hit and I put together a source upload package. Which I tried out and got a bus error. Fixed, and finally uploaded my final submission! Yay!

Things I didn't get to do during the week:
  1. a switch to turn off the music
  2. much better Queen Baddie battle
  3. more props / decorations in the second and third levels
  4. "super jump" powerup which I thought might be fun
  5. a count of the "coin" pickups to count towards regaining health
  6. fix sometimes-broken circular baddie paths (sometimes they work, sometimes not so much)
  7. sloping ground
  8. some secrets :)
On the other hand I achieved my substantive goal: write a platforming game using Inkscape + SVG as the level design tool, and have some pretty effects using lepton.

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With this grace period and judging delayed, it sounds like there's another day added to the competition.
It sounds like it, but it's not. I think I've made it perfectly clear that this period is for uploading entries. If critical bugs appear then they may be fixed.