Well, I didn't finish

I learned quite a bit, but this game is unfinished.  I still like the concept, but there isn't much of a point to the game as it is.  I got pretty hung up on the camera.

You're a feather surfer.  You can't directly control the feather, but you can influence its flight by leaning back and forth, left and right. 

I was going to make it so you could ride thermals, to loft up again for more air time.  I was also going to make a bunch of feathers you could cruise around and collect, as well.  Oh, and some more levels.  And a title screen.  And some audio would have been nice.  The art work is really rough, too.

Anyway, maybe I'll hack on it for pyggy.  I'm certain that things I've learned here will be applied to my future endeavors, and hopefully it's useful for someone else.

Next time, pyweek, next time!