Finally done. Well, unless someone reports a bug or something.

Well, it's been a rather long week into highly uncharted territory, but I'm reasonably proud of what we've completed.

This is our second actual game (and our first done entirely with PyGame; the first game was Ultra Tank-chan!). We are not, either of us, game developers by any stretch of the imagination, and to further complicate things, Arashi had to leave unexpectedly on Friday morning for the entire weekend, depriving us of our full power during the critical period. (So, like, if you're playing this game and find that even Casual's a bit tough, despite my efforts at balancing, you know why. Ditto for the uneven point distribution through the levels)

As you'll find when you play, where we wanted a deceptively bright and cheery, quasi-retro-tech look for UTc!, we decided to go for another unique, and totally different, look with Angel-G. We hope you'll like it, even though it consumes a ton of RAM and bullies my Eee's CPU.

Also, though this game does have a number of rather tough spots (hint: use the left arrow key), it is, on normal, at least, possible to get through the whole thing without losing a life -- this was the key metric of our design philosophy: if we can get through it without dying, then it's beatable by non-us people with a reasonable stock of lives. And, for reference, neither Arashi nor I have touched a game in this genre since the 16-bit days, so we kinda suck at these games to begin with.

Lastly, and something we probably should have posted on day one: the origins of this idea.

We really, really wanted Scissors. We had a totally awesome idea picked out for that. We both voted against Feather. When Feather was picked, we were stunned.

We started brainstorming things that were related to feathers. At one point, as I often do, I made a typo and 'anelg' was produced. Immediately, we siezed upon this slip: "Angelg*" "Angel-g" "Angel-G!" "Gangster angel!" was pretty much the way it went.

I then polled people in another channel for ideas related to feathers while Arashi tried to think of a genre. He ended up chosing something with side-scrolling flight and I returned with the concept of tar-and-feathering stuff. We married the ideas and Angel-G as a side-scrolling shooter was conceived.

From there, we just kinda did whatever and randomly picked lines from out conversations that we felt hilarious enough to randomly thrust into the narrative and premise, and now we have the culmination of a week's worth of such done whatever.

Enjoy. Or hate. Just do something.


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Oh, right.

Also, do not look at the code. It is hideous and unmaintainable and full of hacks.

If you simply must boost your lives, though, you'll find something hackable in the relatively simple, since I just stuck code where it worked, rather than where it belonged. Just change player.lives or player.feathers before the game begins and you'll be fine.
very interesting that blitting 'mask' effect, and the game addiction! :) congratulations! of course the game graphics has still a lot to be tuned, but the game is very in the good way, and i'm curious to know how will be your next game entry!
If we compete next time, we'll definitely be doing something emergence-based. Or maybe something involving kittens.

Neither I nor Arashi are inclined to stick to any one genre for long (we get bored quickly), so we really can't say. Whatever it ends up being, if it ends up being anything at all, you can be sure we'll do our best, though.