Almost there.

Seven more levels to go, an ending that's strictly necessary or the introduction doesn't makes any sense at all (no, the intro isn't what it seems to be). Anyways, I'll have some lunch now because my hand is hurting really badly.

Geez, I must buy a tablet already, drawing with mouse is sick (and it's really killing my hands .-.)

Uploading sorta finished game with what I have now, but I'll see if I can really finish it until the contest ends, otherwise this will be the finished version :D

And yep, my code is _really_ ugly, and I don't think I'll have time to refactore it .-.

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well, your code is much more cleaner than mine - you respect PEP8 norm a lot, and i still can't have this habit... - and anyway, there are no miracles for a week! ;)