Day 7: the almost day

I spent most of today at a 6-year-old's birthday party. I now know what Ben 10 is all about :)

I got a few hours to work on the game though, and ended up with:
  1. screen resolution "independence" (I give up if you don't have 600 lines to work with)
  2. some baddies shooting
  3. a second-level spell
  4. created (thanks cfxr!) and added sound effects (though some need replacing)
  5. music - only one track though
  6. tweaks to level 2
  7. queen throws stuff at you now though she's still easy to beat ;)
  8. added notes about opengl, lepton and avbin requirements to the README
I need to play the game end-to-end before putting up a final release.

Phew. I'm pooped. Sleep time now. Catch you all at the finish line tomorrow :)