End day #6

Ok, massively productive day today, from everyone on the team.
Except for two models needed yet from our artist, all game content is done!
I might make another tileset or two, some more alien faces, but otherwise, tomorrow is entirely for level design and play testing and bug finding (surprisingly, we don't have any bugs we've found yet!)

So, rundown of what we got done today:
  1. new tileset (to replace the one from robocalypto)
  2. sfx module to control playing
  3. all our in-game sfx and music (still need one more track) #wow Tim!
  4. implemented said sfx
  5. added pausing and running
  6. two new weapons
  7. weapon swapping
  8. several bug-fixes, tweaks and speed boosts (need more though...)

Really feeling like a nice, fun little game now XD

Gotta work tomorrow, but we'll definitely be finishing, unless osmething really bad happens (like a tornado or something XD )