Second beta ✩

Today I worked on getting this playable and polished... although I didn't much really. Most of time I just spent doing nothing xD. Anyways, this is looking like a game nao.

I decided to take the options screen off, because... really, who cares about an options screen. Okay, I do care, but that'd consume a time I don't currently have, so I will spend tomorrow doing some more levels and trying to put the introduction/ending togheter.

I colored Hikari's image too. She should look cute, but somewhat I screwed her drawing a little, so it's not that cute. And I still think her eyes look real weirdo, but that's it D:

This is how main menu is looking rite nao, with Hikki's picture in it :3

Btw, I did one more level, so second beta released :D
I really don't want to do it now, but... *sigh*

Uploading it again because I ended up uploading the debug version xD