70% finished...

Assuming I've tallied all the features up correctly.
Now we have in essence 1.5 days left (for me anyways) which is about 20% of the time.

remaining 30% of the game (mostly just content now) in remaining 20% of time? Cake XD
Especially since i am finally in the zone... and actually feeling like coding.
Unfortunately it is 3 in the morning and I need some sleep or I won't make it the rest of the way at all :S

So, what did we get done today:
  1. Refactored code into modules (so other programmers can help, doh :S )
  2. about 50 optimizations (seriously)
  3. in-game gui
  4. main/sub menu's
  5. win/loss screens
  6. boss
  7. game name (Chickenstein!) and logo and icon
  8. 2 gui themes
  9. story
  10. main mission

Tomorrow will see music and sfx (including 3d sound XD ), enemy logic (instead of just blasting you, which is already danged hard to beat), remaining weapons, tilesets, Chicken (and feather), final mission (against boss), and a few more levels.

If all goes according to plan we should have all the "features" in by tomorrow night, and Saturday can be completely bug testing, play-testing, tweaking, packaging and anything/everything else...

Oh, yeah, and finally, we present our first screenshot. A long time coming (longer than normal) but hopefully worth the wait :)

Cheers all!

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I liked the name 'Chickenstein''! very original! :)
Looks very cool!