Day 5: boss battle GET!

Not a bad day's effort today. Again I spent a bit of time not actually doing the game which was nice.

When I started the week I used the porygon skeleton which comes with a "mode" system. I thought it was pretty cool, but today when I came to implement the front menu for the game I just decided I didn't want to have to code another bloody menu so I ditched the porygon mode code and swapped in cocos' code. After remarkably little pain I had a working menu :)

I set my sights on finishing the first level today which I almost achieved. All up I added:
  1. the front menu
  2. game over handling
  3. tutorial mode (an alternative playing of level 1 with little help popups)
  4. the first feather / powerup pickup
  5. the second spell - the one you start with
  6. better art for the yuck pool bubbles
  7. earthquake mode!!1!
  8. extended level 1 to full length (basically doubling its size)
  9. level 1 boss battle!!1!!
  10. refactoring, tweaks and cleanup all over the place
I spent some time writing one version of the second spell that just didn't pan out so I had to ditch it. In the end the version I came up with works better because it "powers up" better.

I didn't have time to get some stuff done that I wanted to: sketching out the second and third levels, and trying out some music and sfx (though I did play with sfxr to generate some sounds). I have the music selected but I've not actually tried it in-game.

Oh and birds fly away to freedom now instead of just hanging around ;)

No new screenshot today 'cos I'm just too damned tired. I hope to get a playable upload together tomorrow.