Day 4: all non-scripting work complete

So, like, day 4's done, and aside from level-scripting, so are we. Yay.

We've added a screenshot that's filled with feather-y, and zombie-y, and a mostly obscured Angel-G-y-y. Unfortunately, given the way we're rendering everything, no screenshot can possibly capture the look and feel of this game. When we've got a full level scripted, we'll add a video or something so you can see why.

For now, though, we're pretty pleased with what we have, and we hope that, come PyWeek judgment day, you will be, too. Pleased with our project, I mean. And yours, too, I suppose.

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Actually, we decided not to use an in-game screenshot to represent this game, since movement is key to its presentation.

Instead, we offer you the title screen. Dig that blingin' name-text.
liked that moiré from that title screen - that suggests some nonsense and experimentalism, which would be very interesting aspects to be developed - i just love games which goes far beyond the usual - if it's too late for this entry, maybe would be interesting thinking seriously about next pyweek entry - good research and experiments! :)