Hendominium vs the Ninja Fox

It's certainly been a long day's hacking and I'm feeling rather wasted as I write this diary entry. Operation Fox Assault has made some large strides forward today and has, I think, crossed the threshold from silly toy program into playable game with lots of rough edges. Progress today included:
It hasn't all been plain sailing. We've been coding hard and it's taken its toll somewhat. I know that the building occupancy code took me much longer that it would have last Sunday afternoon and I suspect the other developers are feeling the same.  Some bugs have crept in, mostly as a result of the increasing complexity but also just as a result of the long hours spent at the keyboard.  I'm finding that the PGU library is starting to creek a bit now that our UI is getting more complex, but hopefully it'll seem more sane in the morning after a little sleep.

On the bright side, it seems everyone is still excited about the game we're making and a large portion of the functionality we envisaged at the outset is already in place. A large portion of the work left is tidying up the UI, adding more visual feedback to the user about what's happening behind the scenes, hunting down bugs and, of course, lots and lots of testing.

- H*