The slow middle of the week period

What our game is about: a game where you take care of your pet parrot and try to avoid him plucking out all of his feathers. It is like an evil version of nintendogs, as the parrot can inflict much damage to you if you are not careful, and as the game progresses he gets harder to take care of.

Well, we have entered the doldroms of the middle of pyweek.

It always seems to go this way:

Day one: wow, think of all of the great ideas we could do! So much to brainstorm! So much to design and plan! Make sure to keep the game idea simple enough that we can do it.
Day two: Holy shmoley! We are accomplishing so much! Waaaaay ahead of schedule! Best pyweek ever!
Day three: er, do you feel like working on pyweek? Me neither. Nothing gets done
Day four: hmm, still not feeling it. Well, we were ahead of schedule, so we are still OK. Might need to cut back on some things.
Day five: uhhhh, we have all of these tasks to do and only 2 more days? Why did we waste the last few days!
Day six and seven - suicide coding spree, followed by disappointment at everything that had to be cut
Day eight-day fifteen: sleep

By this schedule, as opposed to the schedule made up during planning, we are actually very much on schedule!

Anyway, here are some of the choice things which we worked on in the last few days. Hopefully today is a bit better. There may or may not be a new screenshot to show.

All in all, a little light for 2 days of work. Not being able to do anything until 9pm really hurts!

Next on the agenda is to finalize the feeding section, work on the ai of the parrot a bit (as right now he is pretty static), and then enhance the puzzle elements of our simulation a little more. We really want to avoid the problem our "only way is up" entry had. Other than this game, it was our most experimental, and it felt more like just watching stuff happen than actually playing a game.