Day #4: Looking like a game already :D

Now it looks like a game. A resume of things I did today:

  • Main menu screen
  • Implemented the feather attack system
  • Tweaked a bit the sprite/collision system (still there's a wierd bug with collisions between feathers and bugs, but I'll look at this later)
  • Added some score points and time limit for levels
  • Worked on some simple graphics
  • Implemented a simple SFont module for numbers

That's about it. Now I'll finally have some lunch and maybe go work in the game again (I'm not sure if I'll have free time in the afternoon yet). For now I plan to finish the menu thingyes (Options/help/credits/etc), add sorta stats for cleared levels (like sonic ones :D) add some sounds and music and work on animations for bug deaths and such.

I want to put some coins in the level too, you collect stars and can gain lifes :D

Btw, this is how the game (and my desktop) is looking rite nao

( click here for a bigger version =D )