Begin day 4

Well, after getting almost no where yesterday, I called it a night rather early and hit the ground running this morning.
So far I've implemented hitting the badguys with your shots and them dying.
And I found an interesting bug that I'm gonna turn into a feature.
Basically, when shoot badguys they scale out/in on the x/z axes, and when you kill them they collapse.
Well, the boss shapes (sphere and ellipsoid) really mess up their textures when you do this.
But it kind of looks like they are getting knocked out of whack and have to re-focus, so they won't be able to hit you while like this...


TODO for today:

  1. badguy logic (including shooting at you, moving, LOS)
  2. model and implement the command console
  3. integrate our new weapons from nicolas

Ciao for now, hopefully I have a good day :)

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ok, Mid day checkpoint.

Implemented new weapons
Badguys will shoot at you now

Still to do:
badguy LOS, badguy grouping and badguy's moving after you if necessary...
Ok, so have to run off to work now, had a nuts time of finding our new wal-mart (it moved :S )
So only had 15 minutes to code since last post.
But, in that time I've fixed quite a few bugs and implemented enemy LOS XD
And the LOS check is actually quite cheap, which is surprising as well...
Well, badguys now group together (so, shoot one, all target you...)
Also I tried to implement a neat energy band effect, which didn't work, so meh, oh well.

Gonna hit the sack, and leave badguy chasing for tomorrow.
Once that is implemented the game is officially "playable".
Still need menus, hud-work, extra weapons and the in-game gui/walkthrough.
But those don't seem too bad.

Still keeping FPS around 50 so I'm pleased with that, we'll cap it at 30 for final and hope everyone can run it :)