Day #3 - It's playable...

...but it still not fun ;_;
I reworked in the map module and the game logic. Also, added the character sprite. Now I've got to add the bad guys (also called bugs). Something I was thinking last night would be using feathers to "debug" Nozomi's dream, while she make her way up to the sky, she will receive feathers which have different powers. She can also find rare feathers in chests over the levels.

Well, of the baddies I've though of making nests from where bugs are created as if there's not enough bugs on the level. Feathers would serve not just to kill bugs, but also to temporary close those nests (just like Gauntlet, hm, the difference being I don't have a large dungeon which is procedurally generated). I was thinking about the bugs having specified paths, but I guess I'll stick with the "walk randomly until you catch a glimpse of the debugger girl =D", then using some sort of A* to follow the girl.

For the characters sprites I'm using the Famitsu RPG Tsukuru chibi gen, which is free to use in RPG Maker, or in other softs given you place a link back to Famitsu. They're not that good looking and they're _really_ small (and resizing them makes them somewhat wierd, of course), but unless I have time to look for some better sprites (or just do my owns), I'll stick with these.

I'm also using LostGarden's Planet Cute graphics as tileset/pickups/etc. They're really good and they're CC <3 (anyways, I guess almost everyone knows Danc's tiles btw).

Todo list for today (dunno why I kept making so long todo lists):
[x] Add the bad guys
[ ] Implement sorta A* algorithm for the baddies
[x] Drink coffee
[x] Work out how to place some pickups/teleports/nests without having to rewrite the map module
[x] Make a main menu thingy
[x] Drink moar coffee (maybe with Coke :D) 
I was thinking about having some sort of intro animation as well. But... well, it wouldn't be an animation as those things take too long, but maybe some sort of manga-esque introduction, with some simple effects. I was working on a page last night and although I suck badly at drawing feathers I guess it came out really well.

Okay, I should stop trying to put alot of strange things in it and just finish a game m'rite?
Can haz fun playable game nao? :D

Main menu half-way done. I didn't even started with the A* algorithm yet, I guess I'll implement it if I have time, but I'll focus on the important things first (even though the bad guys look _really_ random, they're currently using the "just walk straight and if you feel like it or if the path is obstructed change directions" sorta algorith xD) 

Game over screen is done too. I'll post a screen tomorrow. Shall test on Ubuntu and Windows 7 too (I don't have a MacOS, so...), and work on getting some sound effects and animated stuffs :D

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When i were younger, i also used to mix coffee with coke - but now my heart is too sensible to that, even pure coffee... - maybe since more than a year i don't drink coffee or coke...

A question: were checked the compatibility with Ubuntu from the last Todo list? ;)
I didn't ran in Ubuntu yet, as mine run on VM, but I'll check it tomorrow :D 

It should run, though, as I didn't use os specific functions (as far as I know)