Start day #3

OK, after figuring out where we are going with the baguys, I am reasonably certain we can have something playable before the end of the day :)

Basically, our badguys are aliens from another dimension - and how they appear in this one are as energetic geometric shapes.

So, the shape of alien determines it's strength (hp) and the color the speed/damage of attack.

badguys shapes:
quad - 4 hp
pyramid - 5 hp
cube - 8 hp
icosahedron - 14 hp

bosses shapes:
sphere - 30 hp
ellipsoid - 40 hp

green - 1 speed/4 damage
blue - 2 speed/2 damage
red - 4 speed/1 damage

Basically, the more sides you have the more hp.
I thought about combining colors as well, ie:
red + green = yellow = 2s/2.5d
But I think that will overly complicate things...

Will hopefully have a screenshot+demo later today... :)

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I don't see any feather!?!??  :-)
Theme implementation is a secret :P