First Playable: 4 days, 15 hours remain

Todays progress:

First Playable

Everyone can hurt everyone else

get humans going to a point and aiming at birds
birds die, plane crash, Bird/plane bird/bullet bird/human
still need to add state info into birds/planes but everyone else gets mad! :P

Happy coding!


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well, i found some issues:
1- .exe it's not working on Wine... (so, i can't see or play the game at all)
2- please avoid uppercases and spaces in the filenames - this will help avoiding problems on Linux and MacOS-X (like: try renaming 'You Are Loved.ttf' to 'youareloved.ttf', and fix the code calling it )
3- working with sprite subsurfaces from sprite sheets will boost a game development, and help you being more organized with this - if it's boring creating one picture per sprite, you can imagine how worse would be with hundreds or thousands... some games found at (like Banished Wings) spents a huge ammount of time just for loading the sprites picture per picture, and the code for this is huge as well

anyway, the screenshot looks great and promising! i'm curious about playing this game asap! :)
Ah yeah - that stupid font - i forgot to delete it (im not even using any fonts yet). Weird thing is - on my mac I have no problems running it (because nothing calls the font.. must be another windows thing. Py2exe is flaky at the best of times - I expect even more so under wine.

As for the sprites - sprite sheets are on their way - my artist has no time so im just using his first ideas at the moment as place holder. This goes for the BG tiles too (as in there is only one image atm!

Thanks for the feedback, soon as I make more meaningful progress ill repost, and when im closer to finishing Ill whip out ubuntu and make sure it runs on linux.


Making me curious about that! :)

I'm affraid to suggest would be great you trying on Linux as soon as you can, since, for example, i can't run your 'Not a Ninja Number Seven'  ( from - the terminal says:

guest@p4:/mnt/sda1/trabalhos/pygame/recolhas/pyweek/07/_nan/NaN7-0.6$ python
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 15, in <module>
    from game import main
  File "/mnt/sda1/trabalhos/pygame/recolhas/pyweek/07/_nan/NaN7-0.6/game/", line 1, in <module>
    import main
  File "/mnt/sda1/trabalhos/pygame/recolhas/pyweek/07/_nan/NaN7-0.6/game/", line 24, in <module>
    import Box2D2 as box2d
ImportError: No module named Box2D2

(sorry not telling you earlier, i only found and tried this game now...)
Yeah - that was the comp that we learned to not have so many dependencies! :D

Seems each time we do it we make progress.

Thanks for taking the time!
i were trying to install that box2d, but i have no idea what is that .egg , and how can i install that... - from these difficulties on running PyWeek games plenty of dependencies i tried to made mine ones in the simplest way i could too... always learning from PyWeek! wonderful! :) - you welcome! :)