Mid-day #2

No screenie yet - will add one once we get place holder content removed ;)

Well, I have to stop working now, as I have to go back to work, but I'm gonna probably pull a late-nighter later tonight - this work week is actually gonna help me I think, since i work Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat - I can kill myself the days I don't have to work, but then make sure I get plenty of reset the ones I do - so far it seems to be working :)

Today (during the day anyways) was kind of my "get nothing done" day - since I work early and late.
Having said that, during my break I've gotten a tremendous amount done:

  1. Integrated hp, ammo and weapon selection into Hud
  2. Created gui icons for hp and ammo
  3. Implemented hp and ammo boosts
  4. Added shooting shots from shotgun and nice plume of smoke
  5. strafing
  6. and made weapon bob as you move it (this also affects where bullet goes, so it will throw your aim off to move+shoot at same time...)

And I am like completely on schedule surprisingly O.o
Tonight I will create a basic place holder badguy and implement him, and him shooting and his animations (phew, hopefully XD) and then if I can implement collision checking/killing.

Wowsa, lots to do - good news is that once that is done it will be really easy to implement new badguys as we get them...

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And tonight I've gotten exactly no new features done.
I had modeled a ugly alien skeleton, but it slowed the game down unacceptably.
So we changed ideas on how to handle the badguys - and I removed that bit of work.

On the bright side I managed to get quite a fair bit of optimizations in - so now with everything in except the badguys we are getting about 80 fps on my computer - which isn't too shabby :)

Gonna go to bed and work tomorrow with a good nights rest...