Day #2 - She walks *¬*

 So, after so much trouble writing a complex sprite/map module I just erased everything and started it over again lol Yep, I shall learn to keep things simple (KISS hasn't kissed me yet D:)

Other thing I was thinking over was to don't use the math expressions just to activate the main gate, but to activate platforms too. So you'd have some paths you could only walk if you activate it's number. That should lead to good puzzles, I guess.

Anyways, here's my todo list for today:
[x] Finish map module with all the logic for path activation and stuff
[x] Create a basic functional map editor
[x] Add enemies / pickups and create a collision detection system
[x] Think about some ways for Nozomi to kill the bugs (I keep telling her to use Ubuntu, but she is so stubborn)
[x] Search for some sprites for the characters (I just realized I have just the prototyping ones o.o)

I should kill myself now. I took an entire day and most of the things that should be done weren't .-.

But okay, I shall make up for it tomorrow (hopefully) :D 

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Go go Danc tiles! :)