Day 2: moar platformey

All up a pretty good day today. I didn't work 100% on the game, but what time I did spend on it was fun. I also spent a while working on the art - why I chose to do a game with such a high art content I will never fathom.
  1. designed main character, drawing on Kiki of Kiki's Delivery Service (Abbey loves Kiki - we all do ;)
  2. did more work on level 1, fixing colors, adding more stuff
  3. first feather pickup item using particle engine
  4. score & timer; score flashes when score is added
  5. made level 1 sky a gradient; fixed hacks in squirtle to handle gradients again
  6. constrain player to the game bounds
  7. much tweaking of the player physics model
  8. baddies spawning, roving around following paths
  9. health; baddies hurt
  10. baddies are killable
On a down side I spent a lot of time trying to get something nice out of lepton. I have managed to get a couple of nice effects, but they're not quite right. The lack of documentation is really hurting there. For example I cannot get my effects to use the sprite textures I want them to.