End first full day...

Well, good progress I think.

I only have a couple things I didn't get done:
The buffs, which will be like a 30 minute thing, so I'll just implement those ASAP tomorrow when I get the chance (in between work, hopefully).
And actually firing bullets out of your gun.

At the moment, I'm having a difficult time making the weapon buck back when you shoot.
Basically, I need to rotate the gun on the X axis, but when you rotate the view that axis changes - but the way rotations are in pyggel it doesn't automagically morph, so I need to figure out some way to handle it...

Oh well, pyweek is for challenges, right? :)

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Well, still not sure why the X-axis isn't working correctly - it does for everything else... But I implemented the weapon bucking in a different way so now it is working - took only like 15 minutes this morning - os probably good I gave up and went to bed early last night XD

Considering this is my "get nothing done" day - I should probably be completely on schedule tomorrow :)

Unfortunately we still haven't heard from our artist, so I may end up starting to do more and more of that as we go :S