RED -Spider Lily-!

So I've got quite a few things out today. Although I didn't have much time to work on coding, actually, but at least I worked a bit more on the rhough concept and put it all on the paper (or the important bits of it).

The story is about a girl named Nozomi (which means "wish/hope"), who has a dream about a feather. She can't figure out why she keeps watching that dream every night, until an angel appears and asks for help. She then has to make her way through the sky (in her dreams) to save the angel, in a Alice-like world.

To pass one level you'll need to activate the star-switches in the right order. Every switch has a number and an math operation related to it, and the goal is to create a math expression that yields the main gate value, just like in the "24" game.

Of course Nozomi won't just go there and activate the switches as if nothing, she has to avoid the Lily Bugs, since her dreams run on Windows. As she can't kill the bugs (for now) you'll have to sneak through them to activate the switches.

So, it's basically it. I sort of finished the map module and started working on the sprite module. I also did some basic concept arts, but most likely I'll just end up using free image sprites, since sprite art tooks so damn much time.

Here's a concept for the angel girl. Most probably I'll use it for the main menu screen, if I have the time to color it until then D:

Now I'll make some coffee and back to work on the sprite module :D I shall post a screenshot tomorrow if everything goes fine (hopefully).

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angel is sooo pretty
Pretty artwork, nice storyline.

Is it enough for the heroine to have had a dream about a feather to satisfy the theme constraint? Even if you imagine an angel that has feathers, but actually doesn't take a role in the gameplay itself.

Hm, now you talked about this I'm really not sure if this would satisfy or not the theme constraint. I guess I'll have to think of some sort of gameplay with the angel girl.