Can haz platformer

Well, I've managed to accomplish a fair bit today:
  1. created an initial level idea with the action kinda planned out,
  2. mangled Squirtle to load SVG layers,
  3. rendered those layers in a meaningful fashion,
  4. used "data" from a layer as game information (placing the player start position),
  5. moved the player around in the world, including jumping,
  6. used the "ground" layer as collision boxes and made the player interact, and
  7. PARALLAX!!11!111one!11!
Most of the effort was spent dealing with the bizarre transformations in SVG - fortunately Squirtle actually handles them, but because I was doing the layer thing I had a little more work to do. I've still got a bit of work to do ... there's a couple of dimension-based bits in the parallax code that are hard-coded. Which means nothing to anyone except me ;)