Right, "Feather" it is

Abbey and I have had a brainstorming session and decided that the game will be:
  1. about a young witch (think Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service),
  2. who leaves home and ventures to a distant land to discover herself,
  3. who finds the land in trouble - someone's turning the friendly forest creatures into baddies, and
  4. uses the power of magic found in feathers to help save the land.
First things first, to see whether I can get something basic going with the technology I've decided to use:
  1. Inkscape for artwork and level design,
  2. squirtle for rendering the artwork (though modified to handle layers),
  3. lepton for pretty,
  4. coroutines for managing everything, and
  5. pyglet for doing all the messy grunt work.
Well here goes :)

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Is Abbey going to help with art?

Abbey has already contributed on piece of concept art :)
Wow - that lopton _IS_ pretty... sooo tempting.. oh so tempting!
lepton even *sigh*