20,000 Light Years Into Space

"20,000 Light Years Into Space" is now finished. It is a steampunk-themed single player real-time strategy game, and now includes an interactive tutorial (hastily added at the last minute). Get it from the Pyweek website or http://www.jwhitham.org.uk/biscuit_games/LightYears/.

Thanks to everyone involved in Pyweek, particularly the Pyweek organisers, and thankyou also to my long-suffering testers. I'm looking forward to playing the other games.

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I like the name 20,000 light years ...
Two minor bugs have been discovered in this game. I do hope that they have not caused any problems for anyone, but just in case they have, here are descriptions of each problem and the solution.

1. It crashes if you use Pygame libraries earlier than 1.7, with an exception in startup.py (ironically, it is trying to check the version number: the format of the tuple changed for 1.7). Solution: please upgrade your Pygame libs to the latest version.

2. It may crash on startup if your system has no sound support. Solution: please edit main.py to remove the call to pygame.mixer.init().

If you encounter any more problems with this game, or have any questions about it, please post them below. Thanks!