Get Off My Lawn - Walkthrough

I've noticed a few walkthroughs/playthroughs -- and so I thought I'd give a few hints for my own game.
Aafter discovering an ending, you should press 'escape' to quit. Then restart the game to play again. It will save the endings you've discovered and this will lead to other endings being unlocked.
Another quirk is that if you run the game and it exits by itself -- it prints a message to the console. After it exits - it fixes the problem by disabling a feature. You can then rerun the game to play it.

Hints and Walkthroughs
The Sign
Go up the sign and use it for a list of all unfinished endings.
"Clean Get Away" Ending
This is the main ending in the game, a complete walk-through follows.
Go to the shed and grab the screwdriver and boltcutters off the bench (use space).
Open the backdoor.
Go to the fridge and retrieve the stripey fruit.
Go up to the cat (but not too close) and give it the stripey fruit.
From the hallway go into the first room on the left and get the blue pill.
Go back outside and to the side of the house. Open the fuse box and turn the power off.
At this point someone is coming to turn it back on so you have to be quick -- run back into the kitchen.
When the message says its all clear, run into the hallway, then through the door at the top (the lounge room.)
Put the blue pill into the drink.
(Quickly) go back into the hallway and the second door on the left (bedroom)
When the message says its all clear, go back into the hallway.
After you hear a 'thud', go into the loungeroom -- the man has fallen asleep.
Get the soccer ball.
Get the keys off the man (spacebar twice)
Go out the front door.
What's in the desk in the bedroom?
A handgun.
How do I unlock the desk?
Finish the clean get away ending with the mans keys. The desk will be unlocked the next time you play.
How do I get the other endings?
The other endings are accessed by getting caught, mishandling animal waste, drinking a blue liquid, drinking a purple liquid, or killing someone.
How do I get the "speedy gonzalez" ending?
Retrieve the ball and escape in less than 53 seconds. It's definitely possible, I think maybe 45 seconds is the limit though. Hint: Drink a red liquid to run faster!