Walkthrough and kills in a win challenge

So, the game appears to be rather difficult at the start, but my brother finished it on both easy and hard, so I thought I would write up a little help guide, as well as a bit of a challenge.
It appears that once the game gets going, it gets rather easy (for a time), but then it starts getting hard again a lot later (I dunno, level 50+?)

So, first, how do you win?
Well, due to an interesting quirk (ie, we didn't balance them quite finely enough) the electro towers are probably the most powerful of the towers. I think the bird food towers are second, but they are about on par with upgraded missile towers, or just plain regular towers upgraded really high, I dunno, but I definitely recommend the BirdFood ones, because combined with the fast attack of the electro towers, the mega damage of the BF makes them a good one-two combo. Not to mention they are the most interesting towers :P

Now, my bro won the game with 5 or maybe 6 total towers in the end. But the thing you have to realize is that your warriors (except at the very beginning) are never going to be as strong as the insects, so don't even try and use them to actually fight (except for maybe the trappers, with their ranged attacks they can be quite useful sometimes...)

So starting out, build 3 towers around your hero, spaced about evenly so you can hit *almost* everywhere and there are not large holes (upgraded towers will fill them completely)
Now build 2 workers and upgrade your worker tech. You should have scraps close enough to your tower ring that your workers won't get slaughtered going for them, if not, put one of the starting towers out a bit further, it shouldn't really matter in the end-game.
Now, your towers will hold off the bugs for a few levels now, so just let them and your workers go. As soon as possible, upgrade your workers to level 3, this is the time when their speed maxes out, and is absolutely vital to having a steady supply of scraps later.
Now, once you get the money, upgrade your center tower to a missile tower, and the top and bottom ones to laser towers.
Then once again you have enough money, upgrade the laser towers to electro towers, and the missile tower either to a higher level missile tower, or to a bird food tower.
Now build a few more workers (probably until you have 5 or 6 at least) and just keep upgrading your workers for a while (probably level 5 or 6 is plenty), this increases the amount of scraps they can carry, and will be needed later. You may also want to upgrade your traps a couple times if you want to help your towers and warriors out later.

Once the enemies start getting too hard again, upgrade all your towers once more, and that should be fine for now.

Now, lay a few spike traps and bomb traps as close to the enemy base on the south side, and then build a new tower behind the defense line.
If you do it right, your workers should have enough speed, and your traps strong enough, that the tower will be built. If not, build an intermediate tower, between your ring and the new site under the enemy hive first, upgrading to electro.
Once your tower is built under the hive, upgrade it quickly to an electro tower, and then just keep upgrading it as much as you want, it's sole goal is to try and wipe out the bugs before they even get a few tiles from the hive.
If your electro tower is just getting too expensive to upgrade and you need more firepower to hold down the baddies, build a new tower (upgrading to Bird food) to the right of the enemy hive.
By this point nothing except the occasional worm should be getting by those two towers, if they are, keep upgrading them! (my bro ended up with an electro tower doing in excess of 1000 damage a shot up there O.o)

Now you have the win, so just upgrade your warriors a couple time, and then send only trappers. Trappers are best because they are the fastest, as well as they will throw nets on enemies, thus keeping them away longer, and perhaps helping your towers up there even more.

Just for kicks you can win once the hive's health is at about 7 or 8, by just sending the broom and the lawn-mower specials to finish them off.
The gas special is the best for you, as it only hurts the bugs, but it doesn't hurt the hive.
The broom hurts the hive and the bugs, but also takes out your bots.
The lawnmower takes out everything (though it does give you scraps as well as gold to rebuild) - so unless you are really in trouble I wouldn't recommend it ;)

There you go, that should be a winning strategy for everyone - though I am sure others have thought of better :P

Now, for the challenge. Due to the nature of the game (starting hard, easy for a long time after, and then getting really hard probably level 50+) it seems like one of the biggest challenges (besides just winning :P ) is how fast you can win, or how long you can go before winning.
So, everyone post your fewest kill wins (ie, try killing as few insects as possible, thus equaling winning faster ;) ),
and also your most kills victory. It can be quite fun to rack up a lot of kills, but can you still win once you get to that point?

Cheers all :) (and I'll post my fewest/most here later :P)

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Hmm at insect level 135+ and im not even upgrading anymore :) 1500+ kills spikes 3 layers thick, then lasers - 22nd level laser does 7k damage

kept me entertained however :D
Geez, yeah, apparently the game does *not* get incredibly harder LOL
My bro just beat hard with two towers total and 335 kills.
Beat easy with 3 towers and and like 150 kills :P

And woot, glad it was entertaining - that was our main goal this time LOL XD