A final word

Well, I did not have Internet at home yesterday, so I had to upload a multiplatform version and a windows (exe) version today, which include some minor bug fixes (and this is not a pun!)

I know it's two days after the deadline, so feel free to judge the first version. It's almost identical, but it does not work on Linux or Mac and difficulty is not adjusted. Everything else is exactly the same, but it now works on any platform and difficulty increases with time. Please, at least play the multiplatform version once! We really would like people to try our game and receive some feedback.

I -must-, once again, thank Kokoro for his sprites, sound effects... and that incredible soundtrack. I just love how it sounds!

Well, now it's time to play everything else! Good luck!

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You're right, the music is a high point of the game, it supports the merry atmosphere well! One question: there's no winning this game, right? I fended off the critters for a long time, but the snails eventually wore my grass down. And there's just this single level, right? Or did I miss something?
Right, there's no goal but getting a high score. We were looking for some kind of modern Game&Watch game. It even starts getting faster and faster above 500 points.

At some point we even thought of three different blows, one for each critter. Then each level would present a new bug(first ants, then ladybugs, then snails...) and then they would start appearing in pairs (ants and ladybugs and so on), forcing you to choose the right blow. Grass could even appear at different heights, forcing you to manouver through platforms...

But we finally kept things simple. Get a high score, that's all, like Game&Watch games. Both Kokoro and me got 2895 points! (we suspect that that score may represent some physical limit!) ;)
You should have added a highscore list then! Now I don't remember my score. I think I will have to play again then :).
YES :( I really wanted to do that, but we ran out of time!
YES :( I really wanted to do that, but we ran out of time!