Build Notes and Minor Bug

I found a bug in my game where when you die or win, it will eventually take you to the start screen but won't ever let you play the game again, you have to restart. I would fix it but the solution would add too much functionality since I kind of forgot to include this system in the first place. Oh well, next time!

I would GREATLY appreciate any feed back from people using joysticks. Of course, all other feedback is welcome. I hate using a keyboard for platformers but joystick APIs are generally not that friendly. The latest version (04) fixed a bug where switching to a uncalibrated joystick would crash.

Also, I wanted to make it clear that you can eventually destroy the spider spawning mounds, that is how you eventually win.

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Unfortunately, I get the message, "You're joystick does not have 2 analogue sticks." IT LIES!
Thanks for finding that! I messed it up in a previous bug fix. New version is up.