Bugfix release

Alright, so, we had a couple bugs that we wanted to fix, and some balancing issues.
The rules state that in the 24 upload period you can fix bugs and such slight things, so I wanted to lay out exactly what I changed, so you can judge for yourselves whether it was legal or not, if not you can use the second to last download, otherwise, the new one is much better feeling and I really recommend it.

Here are the specific svn notes for each commit (there were 4, in a one hour period is all, changes are highlighted):

In this commit I basically just modified the stats of the bugs and things, and made it so the hive won't generate more than 20 bugs at one time, I also fixed the mower special so it gives you scraps like it should.

In this one, I fixed the battle bots (and others) so they target the enemy hive correctly, there was a glitch where they kept wanting to target only enemies first, so it made it almost impossible to win.

This one I just fixed teh bird food tower so the birds fly off screen correctly

Update readme :P

Now, as I understand it, it is alright to bug fix in the 24 hour upload period, but if you disagree, then DO NOT use this bugfix release to rate the entry, use the last release before that, but do play the new one for comments, as a lot of things that probably would come up are fixed, and it is much better anyways ;).
Upon re-reading the rules, it does say the 24 upload period is NOT for extra dev time, but it doesn't mention bug-fixing, which Richard said was alright before, and a lot of people do, I dunno, I hate the "everyone else is doing it, and I thought it was ok..." thing, so I dunno now, whatever :S
If you want any clarification on anything, just ask and I will be happy to answer :)

Cheers all, and liking the games I've played already XD

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Heya, I found the discussion on this from last pyweek:

Here it looks to me like richard doesn't want to specify exactly what is acceptable/not for the 24 hour period, but he said it is ok if you fix something and then manage to upload, but it is all on your head if you miss the boat. I dunno if what I did qualifies in peoples opinions or not, so judge for yourselves :)