It's done!

I've submitted the final version of my game, I've squashed all the bugs I could find and added as many features as I could.

The game can be downloaded here.

So, what can my game do?

I'm pretty pleased with the way my code turned out. Towards the end it turn into a hack-and-slash affair with new features being bashed in with a big messy hammer, but at least at the start it was clean.

I've learnt quite a lot about how to structure a game. I really should have focused a bit more on getting a decent state machine for the menu system.

I had to cut back my grand initial vision to something a bit more manageable. Here are a few things that didn't make the cut...

PyWeek has been a lot of fun, although I don't think I could have kept going for more than a week! I don't what I'll be doing when the next one rolls around, but hopefully I'll give it a go again.

Thanks to Rich, Neil, Jack and Tom - I think I fixed all the bugs you found and added all the suggested features. Cheers for the help guys!