Plenty of bugs...

Well, we are really sorry, but it was not until yesterday when we added background music and sounds... and uploaded in the last minute.

It was this morning when we found a handful of bugs that prevent our game from working in Linux and Mac... agh.

- Sound file paths are written for Windows (\\ instead of /), so no sound files are found in Unix systems and thus it does not work.
- When fixing paths, some errors are thrown when exiting the game. It's something about deallocating sound memory...
- I just do not get why, but the score text, which uses the same font as the main menu, does not work in linux (squares are drawn instead). It does work if I use Arial, however.
- Some strange flicker with some graphic cards. That's something I don't like of Pyglet! (although I guess it's more a hardware issue).

As we are quite happy with our work and Kokoro has done an impressive work both with graphics and sound (you HAVE TO hear that soundtrack!), we really want to release the game for Linux and Mac. We will fix it as soon as possible!