Finished! (Outlawn)

Hey, I actually made a game!!! (Whew!)

The gameplay is simple; the polish is zero; but both my kids have fun with it, so it's a success! (In fact, they want to make games of their own...)

Gameplay summary:

You can make enemy balls, and try to knock them off the lawn; or buddy balls, to help you. If you hold down 'C' all balls color the lawn under them as they move. H makes hills, D digs holes, and G restores greenness to the lawn, all under the good balls only. (All these keys have to be held down, not just pressed once.)

The kids like to "paint" the lawn by making enemies of a few different colors and knocking them around while holding 'C'. (I didn't have time for enemy AI or even nonpassive enemy motion, so this is easy.) Or make holes and call them "tents" or "caves"; or paint paths over the hills; etc... kind of like a 3d paint program.

I still only tested this on a Mac, and it has performance issues (which affect the physics) except on my newest one. After the judging I'll try to fix these, and maybe add more...