We have game!

Alrighty, so today has been our best day yet (and it had to be, I gotta work 4 of the last 7 hours tomorrow, so this outta be good :S )

So far here is the changelog:
Made units upgrade when a tech is researched
Balancing out the whazzoo, still way more needed, but at least you "can" win now...
Made ui show you the starting stats of units/towers when you go to build/upgrade them
Modified hives and insects spawning so it happens a little nicer now
Added money gain notifier
Added worms, wasps and beetles
New gfx (a lot is going to be replaced, yes :P )
sfx and music were added to most things
Added trapper and guard bots
Added cage and bomb traps
And innumerable bugfixes, balancing and general code maintenance.

Here is a new screenie:

And a new demo!


Tomorrow will be much like today, more art, more balancing, and then add the last of the towers, and we're gonna be done (oh yeah, probably add story and tut screen windows too... hmm...)

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This is excellent! It took me a while to figure out that workers needed to activate towers ;D. It seems pretty hard at the moment on medium but I'm still figuring it out.