Night #6

So, we now have 2 "days" and 1 1/2 "nights" left to work on our game :)
So far today:
Found a good font and added it
Added tower upgrading
Added traps
Added warrior bots
Enemies now get stronger as the game progresses
Added Worker, Warrior and Trap upgrading
Added ui for building everything, menus and win/lose game.
nihilocrat added some sfx.

Basically, what we need now is to balance the heck outta this thing, and then just add more types of warriors, insects, towers and traps. ANd art, still need a ton of art!!!
Then maybe write a tutorial - we'll see though :)

Here is a screenie for you:

What you see here is like before, except, you get the new ui, the traps and a big warrior bot charging down the enemy :)
Cheers all :)

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If anyone cares to help us out, we could use some serious help with the balancing (basically, easy should at least be winnable O.o) and with the art.
If you are interested, here is the svn for the project, just grab her and run, balancing is mostly in and (look for Worker, Warrior, Insect, BaseTower and MissileTower classes in objects, and in states, go to the build_* and upgrade_* functions in Game class)

If you want to help with art, here is the list of stuff we need:

If you want to help, please just email me at with anything you finish, and the name to be used in the credits :)

Cheers, and g'night all :)