Day 3

I couldn't start until Monday night, so that's when I'll call Day 1. It took me a long time to find any non-cliche inspiration from this theme, but eventually I realized how something I'd wanted to code for awhile (rolling a ball around hilly terrain -- like Rollie in Bugdom(tm) -- and modifying the terrain as you roll over it) would fit into it. So my plan was that you'd have to escape from a lawn, but would find this difficult, and could only do it by building hills on it to use as ramps to launch yourself off of.

All I had time to code Monday night was some ball-terrain collision (which it turns out doesn't work well enough to use).

On Day 2 and Day 3 I got the lawn generated and drawn, got the ball character rolling on a plane controllably (with a follower camera), and got the realtime hill-building working well enough to know it's doable. But rolling on the lawn's terrain (rather than on a plane) is still not there, and might be too hard. If that doesn't come together tomorrow, I'll need to come up with some other goal for the gameplay. Fortunately, rolling around and building "tunnels" (i.e. "hills", but the ball remains under them) was fun enough to keep my 6-year-old son intrigued for at least a few minutes....

Anyway, I'm not expecting to have time for any art or sound (no loss, since I have no skills in those either), or for more than one level, but I'm still hoping to come up with something fun to do on that level. (And it's certainly been fun to get it working to this point.)

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great title :D
Thanks! I'm not sure it will still fit when I'm done, though... :-)