Day 4 Progress (with screenshot)

In hopes of getting something playable by the end of the week, I've greatly simplified my original idea (which was probably way too ambitious) for the game. I've done away with the tactical RPG elements - now it's just a simple arcade-style game in which the player controls a cat defending his yard from a horde of invading mice. Each level features a different yard and several waves of mice to catch. The goal is to catch as many mice as possible before they reach the garden shed. A level ends when all mice are either caught or reach the safety of the garden shed.

Since the last update I've added code to render several more game world items, including: houses (with simple windows and doors), swimming pools, sidewalks, bushes, and (incomplete) flower boxes. The graphics are really simple at this point, and will probably remain simple and cartoonish.

I have enough done to post a first screenshot of a level I'm currently making. Here we see little kitteh wandering dangerously close to the swimming pool:


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I like the clean graphics! The contrast of the mild and strong colors gives it a nice style I think.
It looks great! Which libraries are you using? :)
Thanks, guys. I'm using pyglet.