Day 4 gone with the wind! Ha!

Well, it's been though! I've had some problems with frame rates, but I think I've managed to keep things simple. However, I fear you'll need a good machine to move this properly!

Although I couldn't do much yesterday, I managed to get some good looking grass blades using OpenGL. While I fought against my own code, Kokoro created some beautiful sprites and an incredible background!

Today, I put all that together. The fairy is an animated sprite, there are bugs that are able to climb blades, and you can blow to create wind! Wind shakes blades and bugs move with them, so it all starts looking quite good.

Next step: three different bugs, eating mechanism (bugs kill blades if they eat them), complete blowing mechanism (that is, being able to knock down bugs with your blow) and complete sprites. More than enough for tomorrow!

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It's shaping up nicely! Maybe you could add outline to the blades so that they are easier to tell apart from the background (although I am sure they are easy to tell apart in motion).
wow that looks excellent! Looking forward to this one.