Cotninue day 4

Alright, so last night we all decided to swap ideas because we didn't think we could get the current one done, etc.
Now, looking at it, I was like hey, we've worked our rears off, and it is already almost playable, so why completely restart? I like our other idea, but I doubt it would be so good by the time we are done, and it wouldn't have worked for anyone who didn't get the humor really well, so, today I decided we were gonna continue our original idea.

The biggest concern with it was that our artist didn't think 20x20 images was enough to make it look good. Then we realized that with the spacing of objects we have going on, they didn't have to be exactly correct. So now units can be up to 30x30, or for the flying ones it really doesn't matter...

So, we reverted the svn, and now have a tower image, and the towers shoot at baddies, and kill them.

We still need the resource meter, and this is basically playable, you can't win, and if you are smart you can't lose either, but it looks good :)

Here is a screenie for you (note the baddies trying to avoid the towers XD ):

The white grids and circles are debug stuff that won't be in the final version ;)