End day 3

Ok, so we are totally getting into a bad trend. Once again, we are swapping ideas completely (wiping the codebase even) on Wednesday O.o

On a good note, it appears we will be using PYGGEL, so, well, wish us luck :)

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After all of that progress? And yay pyggel :)
Yeah, I dunno, feeling a change in heart today, I dunno.
Basically it came down to someone on the team thought that having the units be 25x25 images was too small and it would like crud.
But I think it looks really nice so far, and dang I really don't feel like ditching all the work we've put in it - especially since it is already almost playable :S

Problem is that I work Saturday for 4 hours, so I won't be able to cram at the last minute like I normally do. And if it is just going to be me I don't think I'll get everything I was planning done, so I dunno - gotta talk with the team an decide :S

On a good note, I made a little demo with 2 parts of the game engine (which has 4 parts) last night in pyggel, so I dunno - I like both ideas :S