First screenie!

Heya, work has been going great, so I thought I'd put a screenie up:

Well, I guess the may need some explaining:
the grey square with the red circle at the topleft is the enemy hive, where baddies come from,
the red circle on the bottom right is your hero, where the baddies are trying to get,
the black squares with the red border are build points for towers,
the tall red things with the sorta rounded top are built towers,
The actual images are workers out and about building towers for you,
the black squares with the hour glass sorta things are scrap mines, where your workers go to get more resources for you,
the white bordered, side-ways, pink hour glasses are boulders that just simply block movement,
the black diamonds are the baddies,
And the white grids all over are debug info that show which tiles are "filled" and can't be built on...

So, I'm really happy so far, I think the game will be playable in a basic state by the end of the day XD

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The pathfinding now is quite intelligent, with baddies avoiding large groups of towers, and not running through things.
Also, slightly random paths are chosen, instead of everyone picking the shortest path.