Days 1 & 2

Well, it's been a pretty fast start this time! Something I learned from the previous Pyweek is having a game idea for each theme, or at least for those I liked most, so I can start coding as soon as possible!

This time, I'm lucky to work with a friend and a great artist who will draw and compose while I code as fast as I can. His sketches are inspiring, but the final artwork is simply stunning. Take a look at his website , if you wish to know more about him.

Well, the game idea was quite clear from the beginning: you control a Lawn Fairy who must prevent bugs from eating grass blades (and flowers, if we have enough time!). However, you can only fight against them blowing. That way, grass blades shake and bugs fall from them.

Yesterday, I managed to hack together a simple menu and some code from my previous pyweek entry (there's one screenshot showing some early blades with guys on top of them) as a technical demo. It seemed to work, so I went on today working with grass blades and some crude player movement. They already move as I expected, so I guess we can be happy!

But there are still many many things to do. Bugs, grass evolution (growing and flowers), blowing mechanic, scores, animations, sound... well, the whole game X)

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Uhm. I've just realized that I'm using code from the previous pyweek... and I am not sure if that's completely allowed. Well, it's published, and it has been in this website since Pyweek 7.

However, if anyone has doubts, I can assure I am able to program all that in just a day. Ragdolls are part of my PhD thesis and I work with them daily! I hope no one feels I'm cheating, we are really excited with our entry! :(