Day one progresses

Alright, so, we've had a lot of plan changes so far, probably like 30 O.o
We had planned to use PYGGEL to do a 3d game, but owing to our lack of 3d artists we had to ditch that.
Then we were going to use retrogamelib, but we couldn't figure how to make the idea work really well, or make the gfx look nice for the idea we had.
Now, we are settled on a RTS that uses neither PYGGEL or retro.

We aren't going to be sharing any more of our idea, beyond that it is an pseudo RTS/TD merging that appears to be kinda unique, at the moment...

So, we just started working on this idea about 4 hours ago (judging from the SVN logs) - but we already have the menu and the game window.
Another interesting thing is I have found the joys of using GoogleCode's ticket system.
Condensing our entire game into 15 or so tickets make it seem so much simpler and more organized. Also, it definitely helps with team organizing, so I can't believe we didn't make use if it sooner O.o

All in all, I am feeling very hopeful for this week now, after a lot of bumps and potential bumps are by :)