Well - wow!

I actually am quite surprised - we broke a 3.0 rating on this games O.o
I can't for the life of me figure how this game got higher ratings than our previous - but I guess it was that most people liked our idea - just couldn't find the fun.
Which is not very surprising as, well, there wasn't anything. We ran out of time and there were no directions - not even in the readme - at least we maintained our tradition of no DNW's or DQ's - so that is a plus XD

Most of the comment we received concerned the gameplay - or lack thereof - or the UI.
The UI was not explained well - as we figured it would be fairly intuitive to those who had played this type of game before - but a lot fo people are not as big of fans as we are - which we entirely overlooked, as well we did add a lot of oddities for a TBS - so I am not surprised - pleased would be more accurate :)

For the questions on gameplay - we didn't finish it - so it is not just you LOL :)

For the UI - I will try and explain a little...
To start drawing new territories you hit the expand button - then you click around the map to make the territory.
If it was a valid territory then a new border will be drawn in your player color, with boulders at the points and a name by the capitol island.

To build a new ship - click anywhere in one of your territories to select it - then hit the build ship button.
You should then come to a menu where you can select the type of ship - there are four kinds - scrolling over the ships a pop-up with their stats/costs should appear as well.

To control a ship, left click on it and you will some lines. the three non-solid lines show the range of attack of the ship - any enemies inside this can be right clicked and you can fight them - with different attack types and outcomes based on the distance.
There will also be a green shading around the ship indicating where the ship can move to (assuming it has not yet moved and that it has speed - which can be removed in a fight). Right clicking anywhere in the green will move the ship to there.

To gather more resources, when you have a ship selected, you should see a button that says "Trade" or "Raid" or "Gather" or something - forget the exact details - if it is not there then that is a big thing we missed in the end rush O.o

That is about it - hit end turn when you are done - if you can beat the enemies you win - though the game itself won't acknowledge it ;)

Thank you everyone for playing the game rating so highly this demo!
Cheers - and well done to the winners!