Here's a walkthrough for the game:

t box, t food, n, se, ne, ne, u, t gas, nw, sw, nw, n, give gateopener, n, n, nw, t ladder, nw, nw, t branch, n, w, t leg, n, n, t pipe, s, e, t light, w, s, s, se, se, se, n, e, e, e, s, enter, talk, exit, n, w, use pipe with ladder, use branch with ladder, use leg with ladder, use baguette with ladder (yeah, sorry. We thought it was funny :)), use ladder, u, d, n, n, use light, d, n, n, n, e, t compass, w, w, n

Now, the forest is a bit strange. Without the compass, all paths leads to the first screen. With it, you can make your way through to the ravine, but the paths are still not logical. This is intentional.

ne, sw, w, t scissors, read tablets, talk, cut string (for ending 1), climb down (for ending 2)

We'll respond to some of your comments tomorrow.